Welcome to Slapstick Laboratories

Here's where I'll be keeping the documented failures of my various interests. Some of it may be of value, some of it may be of interest, and much of it is just bits and pieces of things I've started and have either abandoned or haven't finished yet.

Here's a javascript site search that I'm playing around with. Its advantage is that, unlike most of the other search engines I've found on the net, it'll search local drives. That's kind of important to me right now. Its main disadvantage is that everything has to be indexed by hand, so there are a lot of things it won't find as yet. But it's been fun to kick around other peoples' code to try and make it work the way I want it to. Almost all of this, except for the little piece that places the cursor in the form, was written by Ken Ward. That bit with the cursor was written by Arsham Mirshah. The line to reset the form I got from JavaScriptCoder.com.

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This experiment first went awry on May 5, 2016